About us

Hi there,

We are James and Dina and we would like to welcome you to Squid Inc. We are a small figurine company that strive to create the best statues and figurines that you have ever seen. It all started with a figurine made after our beagle called Orion. After he was printed and painted we held this little statue and were impressed with the way it looked and it felt so good to have our little boy sitting on the desk. Always a little part of him close to us. Knowing how special a memory, a little reminder can be we started Squid Inc.

We can create any statue you would like and capture the essence of your story in it. If it is your beloved pet or the game character that you have been playing for years on end. We will create something that you hold dear. 

With love from James and Dina

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment,

untill it becomes a memory"

-Dr. Seuss