Print your creations

Made the perfect statue, or that item you can't go without any longer. Only problem you don't have your own printer. Then do not worry! We offer the use of our printers for your own. Just sent us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Custom Figurines

We at Squid Inc care about our creations. We want to make sure that every figurine that leaves our hands is to our standard and that it is more then you could dream of. Our artist is always available to help you create your dream figurine.

Download our files

Have a look at the files we offer for download. We uphold a very strict standard and you can make sure that we will keep these downloads up to date.

"Creating memories is a dream come true. To hear the stories behind the figurines we can create is more then I could ever dream of. "

James Rutter